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Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm Sorry, I'm Busy Participating Part 1

I was busy and now I'm enjoying my mid semester break which is only for one week. I seriously not lying about being busy, I am busy participating, people. I am always on Twitter and Instagram so a I suggest better you guys follow me there since I often update my life there hehe. But I still want to update my blog. So this post will be a compilation of what I did as participating with the reality, eheh. I divided to a few categories okay maybe three la kot. Kot, okay? Let's start!


Program Induksi Pelajar-pelajar Tajaan Yayasan Bank Rakyat
This was a mandatory event for students under YBR sponsorship. Yeah, me and some of my friends are selected and we participated in this induction which was held at A Famosa Resort, Melaka. It was a 3 days 2 nights program which were filled with inspiring activities. The most important thing was the conductor/consultant was my teacher during my primary school and he recognized me! Hihi.

Subcommittee of SRC Information and Multimedia Bureau
I was one of subcommittees of Students' Representative Council under Information and Multimedia bureau! It was an honor to be involved in this bureau and each of the committees are like a family, they are all so lovely and supporting!

Usrah Under Ma'aruf Club
A great usrah which is held every week. My kakak usrah is Kak 'Aishah Jauhara and she is so comel plus she is married and expecting too! We did so many activities together from semester 1 until semester 2.

Volunteering Works
I am super in love with volunteering works and UIA is a perfect medium for me to be involved in volunteering work. I have registered for lots of volunteering club such as Teach For The Needs (TFTN) and Ibnu Makhtub Club (i-Mac).

This Is Us
Despite the busy-ness and all quizzes and assignments, we still have fun. One of it was taking selfie after a damn hard Accounting quiz!

I want to compile all the stories I haven't share here but since the university life itself dominated one full page, I guess I have to continue with Part 2. Wait for it! 

Assalamualaikum. ^_^

Thursday, February 6, 2014

I'm Feeling Twenty-two 20!

"Hello, who promised that she's going to update her blog regularly but January has left, and February entered and there is no post after the first post in 2014?"

Hehehehehehe. (>.<) I am so sorry I guess I have abandoned my promise and go Instagram-ing all day long. Like I said before, please head up to it if you ever miss me. But hey, I'm going to post a thing here! I am currently in UIA, my beloved UIA. Went back here a day after my birthday, 2nd February. It my second semester for first year and it is boring. My classes often were cancelled and I'm stuck in the room, watching movies I have in my hard disk. So far, for four days in UIA, I have watched in total of NINE movies. Yeah.

Let's get to the main story. On 1st February 2014, I am.... *drumroll~~~~~* twenty, people, new digit 20! I was not happy,, at first, knowing my teen-age was over but 20 is not that bad. I'm feeling like a lady, but young! There's no party, not surprise but I spent my birthday by going out with Ibu, Anis, and Rehan, my favourite girls. ♥ We went to Pavillion and we spent our days by karaoke-ing for 3 hours straight and eating! Ibu bought me a red high-cut Converse as a birthday present and I super love it! And of course, as a Boost lover and member, I got the drink for free for my birthday, YEAAAAAY! We were happy and well at least I could forget the thought that I had to go back to UIA the day after huhu.

It is so awkward to type here, like sooooooo awkward. Here are the pictures of the d-day;

Yeay to the 20 me! A compilation of pictures when I was a baby till now. Well not every year, randomly selected. :D

Ibu asked me to pose in Converse shop and I was malu lah! Haha

People claim that I am thinner. Well for me, it's biasa je. I lost some fat
jela but still not thin enough. My confession!

I asked Ibu to buy me a slice of New York cheesecake for me since other don't fancy it as I am. ;p

Carrot cake with cream cheese for my family. :D

My high cut red Converse from Ibu! ♥

Ayah gave me Fossil watch! ♥ (updated on February 9)

Cute glass mug from Diyana, my classmate and CFS roommate. ♥

A selfie before I went back to UIA. With my beloved Ibu and adik-adik. ♥

And that's wrap bebeh. I will update soon, insyaAllah if I am not too lazy. Have a nice day everyone, asssalamualaikum!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

My Very First Post In 2014

Assalamualaikum.. *krik krik*

*stare at the blank page for 20 seconds-literally*

I am feeling so awkward right now, me, in front of laptop trying to blog after a looooooooooooong hiatus or MIA. I am truly sorry for not posting anything since last few months (or last year) and now that we're already opened a new book, I am feeling more sorry. To add more sorry, I see my followers' number were increasing and I don't know why you guys following me provided that I haven't post anything. :(

For those who knew, I am now attached to my phone dearly. I only use my laptop for assignment purpose and to download and watch Running Man and We Got Married. Never in my mind to  update my blog because 1) I am super busy, I usually spend my free time to sleep or to read books or just wandering about, 2) I thought people are now careless about blog since there are lots of medium that replace blog, and 3) I am now more active in Instagram and Twitter, I babble almost all of my daily life there. Speaking how easy and phone-friendly there are unlike blog huhu. Now that I am over with my  finals (OH YEAH END OF SEMESTER 1 OF MY DEGREE! Time does fly away fast huhu) and will be on semester break for 3 weeks, insyaAllah I'll try my best to update my blog.

In case you guys really want to follow me (ada ke?! :O) please tune in to my Twitter or Instagram account I'v e put at the sidebar. I am there almost everyday or not almost. I will update you guys with more books to be reviewed, more places to be shared and more stories to be cherished here.

And I know it's too late but happy new year, buddies! ^_^

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Because Life Is Too Short To Be Sad

Assalamualaikum! I'm currently in holiday mood, hehe, it's mid-term break along with Aidiladha so, I'm off for a week and I love it (despite the fact that there'll be exams and quizzes after that!)! I'm going to blog based on pictures 'cause I cool like that! Nah, I'm just lazy but still have urge to blog so yeah. Here there are;

It's my 2013's Happy Memories jar and it's loaded now!

These two are my roommates, they're 'kakak' since they're 20 hehe.
From left, Kak Dila and Kak Ibah and they're law students! :*

This was my roommate, Kak Hani, but she moved to Mahallah Salahuddin since she's participating in uniform body, Suksis. She's a law student too!
Lepas tu ada kakak baru ganti, nama dia Kak Nisa, but no picture huhu. A law student too!
So yeah, I'm living with law students who are older than me. :D

Pictures of me and Anis, taken during KAED (Kuliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design) Festival.

Me with Anis and her friends, Shai and Ain. :D

Selfie one.

Selfie two.

Yum yums donuts!

Lawa kan KAED Fest tu, dorang paint sendiri!

What's in KAED Fest, lawa kan?!

The girls were posing for pictures. :D

My seniors, Kak Husna and her friend. :D

This pizza is awesomely delicious!

This were during our dinner together last Wednesday. Three of us (Diyana, Dayah, Zu) had to move to Mahallah Salahuddin because they're participating in uniform body, Palapes Darat. So this was like farewell party. Padahal jumpa je selalu hahaha tapi tak selalu jumpa laaa.

From left and clockwise to right; Aimi, 'Ezzatul, Diyana, A'tiqah, Nadiah, Zu, Me, Nina, Ana. We were classmates from CFS, but in degree, not everyone of us are in the same classes but we're still united. :D

Me and Nadiah potraying our sadness, huhu.

Our faces are too precious in potraying sadness HAHAHA.

Camwhoring in front of the mirror. Masa ni dalam bilik dorang dekat Salahuddin. Besar gila bilik dorang I tell you! :O

Tabik hormat!

This was funny. Ayah came and brought me satay. And we all ended up picnic-ing beside Salahuddin's gate like whaaaaatttt? HAHAHA.

Precious memory. Another funny incident was that, during that nighr, Atiqah parked her car beside us and lighted on the emergency light. When we wanted to leave the Palapes girls, we were crying like crazy and suddenly, two brothers in a car asked us if we were in accident or else sebab berkerumun kat situ, nangis, pastu kereta terbiar dengan lampu emergency, HAHAHA what an epic night!

Above; old phone, BB Curve. Goodbye buddy, thanks for staying with me for almost 4 years! :(
Bottom; new phone, Lenovo A706. Let's be friends okay? Ibu got you for me so please, impress me! Hehehe. ;D

Selfie with Ibu, at pasar malam yaw! :p
Hope you guys enjoy my pic-blog diaries in this post, hehe. Blogging with pictures is easier for a lazy blogger like me. Thank you to new followers for following my I-don't-know-what-attracts-you-guys-to-follow-this-blog blog. Assalamualaikum and Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha and happy holiday! ^_^